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News 0 1.19 – Awesome page navigation for math documents, new reports and printing!

We updated to version 1.19, Wed, Jan 20, 2010. What’s New Added Student Portfolios and Individual Student Reports for teachers with printing capability. What’s Better We’ve incorporated a page system for navigating practice documents. You can continue a document started in a previous session (nice!). You can view results for a precise document. We’ve given teachers a better overview […]

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We updated to version 1.17, new math search engine, class pod stats, etc!

We just shipped BuzzMath 1.17, and it’s now online at Some new features: The search engine at the top right now works Teacher’s accounts have a pod to quickly see live stats of their classes A new mission: “Reaching the possible” in “Data Analysis and Probability” You can embed BuzzMath videos on your own web page! Lots of bug […]

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Back in February 2009, we did a trip to the NAIS Annual Conference in Chicago to do our first demo of BuzzMath. Sixteen hours of driving and lots of fun! […]