More than one million people participated in this worldwide mathematics adventure in 2017. Will you join us in 2018?

The very first edition of the Global Math Week took place from October 10-17, 2017. This exciting event offers a wonderful opportunity to celebrate math all over the world! Let’s look back on a few highlights.

The Global Math Week created a lot of excitement in Canada and around the world. 96% of teachers who participated in the event with their students confirmed that the “Exploding Dots” activity helps students make sense of mathematics. The platform remained accessible online since Global Math Week 2017 and now 4 743 999 curious people have tested “Exploding Dots.”


So, do you want to join the movement in 2018? Sign up your class now!

To learn more about the Global Math Week, we invite you to check out the series of WEBINARS dedicated to this wonderful project. You can also subscribe to the Global Math Project NEWSLETTER so you don’t miss anything. We’ll see you in October 2018 for the 2nd edition!

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