An entirely redesigned interface for a more intuitive teaching experience.

From the modernization of the design to the report display, there are a lot of new developments coming to your favourite platform. Some of them are visible since July 1st, 2018, for teachers and students in summer school.

Easily find what you’re looking for

 Navigate Buzzmath by using the new menu bar displayed at all times.
 Student activation codes available directly on the home page.
 All the content at your fingertips with the new search bar.


An enhanced teacher experience

 The presentation of reports is changing to facilitate tracking your students’ progress. A
date picker has been added!
 See a quick overview of an activity’s content without opening it.
 See all the options available to you more easily


New motivating version for your students too

 A modernized look that is still just as fun and customizable for your students.
 More choice for students with new avatars and themes.



Questions? Contact us!

Our support team is very excited about the new version and would be happy to help guide you and answer your questions.​

By phone: United States, Canada and Mexico, toll free: 1-888-528-8878 / International: +1 302 223 3411
By email:


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