A pedagogical resource that develops through contact with teachers and students

Gathering the experience and opinions of education professionals as well as Buzzmath users – teachers and students – is essential for us. It helps us make sure that our pedagogical resource is adapted to the students’ levels, fun to use, easy to access, and as close as possible to the needs and realities of teachers. That’s why we make sure to develop it in close collaboration with them. We tell you how.


Teachers and educators are involved in the development of Buzzmath since its creation

Did you know that it was a math teacher, Claude Laverdure, who spearheaded the project of creating Buzzmath? Since then, the collaborations have multiplied. For example, our studio has been working for several years with teacher Paul Patenaude.


Users can share their thoughts using the comment feature

The Buzzmath platform is constantly being improved based on the suggestions that users make. The comment icon, at the top right of your screen, was developed so that you can report any issues or errors and submit ideas or feedback.  

No need for never-ending descriptions of context! A simple screenshot of your current page attached to your message plus some technical information allows us to understand the situation sufficiently. So, don’t hesitate to use this feature!


You can test content and features in development

Whether you are a Buzzmath user or not, your opinion is important to us! About one hundred teachers are currently testing the new features in development and giving us feedback. This continuous collaboration helps us to create a rich and meaningful educational experience for your students and for you. Are you interested in exploring and testing the platform, and of course, giving us your opinion? Fill in the form below.


Our team does classroom’s visits

Our team visits classes regularly. This allows us to see things from the perspectives of students and teachers to better understand their realities, identify how they use Buzzmath, and understand the mechanisms in order to improve the platform’s features, ease of use, and content.

For example, we went to a grade 5 classroom where we were able to co-create some interfaces with the students and the teacher. Through a lively discussion, we showed the students how a creative process works.

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