Here’s what you need to know this last month

Did the month of March fly by for you too? No worries, we’ll go over everything that happened this month at Buzzmath here.


Get 50% off all Buzzmath subscriptions for the rest of this year

Take advantage of this exceptional offer!


On 3.14, we celebrated 𝝅 Day

With the Buzzmath chef and his delicious Pi(e)… Yum!


A new Sonya’s Challenge is available on Buzzmath

And it will really get those neurons firing!

You can now solve all of Sonya’s Challenges directly on tablet or computer.


You didn’t see this information come up in your Facebook feed?

This might be due to a change in the social network’s algorithm. We explain it and show you what your options are to keep you up to date on news from your favourite learning platform here >>


And our stars of the month are…

Mrs. Kellie Spratt’s students

Congrats star hunters! ⭐️⭐️⭐️ We hope you enjoyed your 🍕party. We are very proud. 👏👏👏

Mr. Josh Cavender’s students teaming up to solve our brain teasers after school!

And the women on the Buzzmath team!

In companies that specialize in technology and innovation, women are still under-represented and there is more work to do to fix this. For International Women’s Day on March 8, we wanted to introduce you to the women behind at Buzzmath and their different jobs.


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