Unlock the 10 missions to save BuzzCity

Our math learning platform offers a wide range of activities to discover and explore a concept, as well as to apply, practice and revise it, but also to have fun. Among these activities are the missions: activities to solve more complex problems that connect the history of Buzzmath to the History – with a capital “H” – of mathematics.

The missions are accessible for the 6th year of primary school through to the 3rd year of secondary school. However, they are not all available to students from the outset. Instead, students must unlock them by completing a set number of activities with a grade of 100%.

The students will be immersed in an exciting adventure where they must help Alfred, one of Buzzmath’s main characters, to rebuild the city of BuzzCity, destroyed by Doctor Chaos. To do this, they must solve, one after the other, 10 missions that will put them on the trail of the greatest mathematicians of the last 2000 years.

When a mission is completed, the students collect an object (such as the first book of the Elements that Euclid lost) that will allow them to restore mathematical knowledge and ultimately rebuild the beauty and architecture of BuzzCity. They also get a badge that will be added to their portfolio and unlock the next mission.

For these missions, the students apply what they have learned in class in a context that is fun, exciting and colourful. They also discover the History of mathematics and learn about important figures in a new way other than a lecture-based class.


Unlock the missions and try it with your students!




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