A strong duo that support and help our users


Do you have a question or need help? Jean-François and Jeffrey are there to answer your questions and support you in your use of Buzzmath. Every day, they are committed to guaranteeing you a quality experience with cheerful and communicative good-humour. Meet our Support team!

Us at Scolab

We are the support team at Scolab and our unique experience makes us a one of a kind team. Having both been involved directly or indirectly in the education community, and together accumulating more than 25 years of customer service, we work in symbiosis to provide a courteous and professional service equal to Scolab’s mission.

This dynamic is founded on a common human concern to meet customer needs and has been built on more than 10 years of collaboration. Life has led us both, together, through retail, the financial community, and now at Scolab for over a year for Jean-François and more than six months for Jeffrey. This friendship is the key to our outstanding team.

We have an almost obsessive passion and concern for establishing an empathic relationship with the people we help. Working to support the education community reinforces this desire, especially since we are two young dads of future Buzzmath users.

It is with mischievous delight that we spread our joie de vivre to the entire team at Scolab. Calm and monotonous days don’t exist anymore since our arrival here!

Us in (3.14×2) – 0.04

6 key words


  • Family
  • Creativity
  • Resilience


  • Active or hyperactive (depending on the day ;o) )
  • Approachable
  • Methodical

2 videos


Just a reminder that life is much funnier when you have fun!


My inspiration: to surpass myself every day, to look further (I am a former football player too!)

4 images that describe my week

Arriving at the office before everyone

Coffee to start the day well

Helping clients

Retuning home

Would you like to be part of our team? Have a look at our job offers: scolab.com

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