A new puzzle to solve!

It has been a while since Sonya challenged you with one of her little puzzles. As the holiday season is coming, she decided to offer you a brand new one that will make you travel! Enjoy your gift!

Train A can travel at 47 km/h and train B can travel at 119 km/h. Sonya is the conductor of train C (yes, Sonya has so many lives!). She knows how fast her train can travel, but she wants to verify her calculation with you.

Here is what she has to tell you (Sonya loves word games as much as math games!):

  • “The chimneys allow me to doubly increase the power;”
  • “The wheels have a repeated addition effect;”
  • “the window slow it down.”


So, how fast can train C travel?

You would like some more? Visit Buzzmath to solve other puzzles.

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