Catch-up session

November was a busy month for everyone, including us. So, as we know you can not be on all fronts, here’s a quick summary of what you shouldn’t miss this month on our social media.


Buzzmath app update available on the iPad

The 1.13.3 version was released at the very end of October. Hurry up and download it if you have not done so already!


Exploding Dots: continuation and end … or almost!

You have discovered the amazing math experience Exploding Dots during the Global Math Week that took place between October 10 and 17. Know that the platform remains available for free and even saw the release of three new islands: Infinitia, Decimalia, and Weirdutopia.

Sign up and join more than 3 million people around the world who have tested the experience so far!


And our stars of the month are…?

This month is a bit special because our stars of the month are our colleagues who continue to go meet you across America!



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