Guarantee our users an enjoyable and easy-to-use interface.

Emilie recently joined Scolab to strengthen our design team. Currently, she is working on a new version of Buzzmath, but we’ll tell you more about that another time… For now, we will let you get acquainted!


Me at Scolab

I have been a designer for 10 years. I first worked in agencies, then as a freelancer and finally in start-ups, in France and then in Québec. Now, I’m taking care of designing Buzzmath’s interface. I make sure that it is consistent, enjoyable and user-friendly.

I joined the Scolab team because above all, education is an important value for me. Working to help thousands of students in mathematics learning is something that is extremely motivating and meaningful to what I do on a daily basis. Through my work, I have a direct and positive impact, and it encourages me even more to give the best of myself!

I also enjoy working in collaboration with other teams to get their point of view concerning a design or a feature. I enjoy solving problems, and it’s much more fun and effective when we work together! At Scolab I have found a great synergy that allows that.


Me in 3.14

3 keywords

  • Go-getter
  • Climbing
  • Spotify

1 video

This video reminds me of when I first arrived in Montreal four years ago. I arrived here without knowing anyone, and it didn’t take me long to feel at home.

4 images that describe my week

Creating wireframes

Creating designs in Sketch or Photoshop

Swapping ideas and working with other teams

Looking for design ideas


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