What should not be missed this month

A lot of things happened for Buzzmath in October. So, here’s a quick summary of what you may have missed this month on our social media.

The month of October was all about the Global Math Week

The month started strong with the first edition of the Global Math Week! From October 10 to 17, nearly 2 million people around the world explored the “Exploding Dots” experience, popularized by the mathematician James Tanton.

A vision by the Global Math Project, the Buzzmath team powered the platform that has enabled millions of students and their teachers to discover mathematics in a new light.

Here is a small selection of your reactions to this worldwide experience here >>

The platform remains open to all. Try it: explodingdots.org


It was nice to meet you!

Our coworker and math specialist, Sunil Singh, who is also the author of “Pi of Life: the Hidden Happiness of Mathematics” was giving a keynote talk at the Georgia Math Conference in Rock Eagle on October 19. Then, he went to challenge you at the MASSCUE Fall Conference in Foxborough.  


Halloween is coming!

Next Tuesday, let’s celebrate Halloween together! We let you know how in this article >>

First step, make your own mask of Alfred, Buzzmath’s mascot:


And who are our stars of the month… ?

The amazing 6th-grade winners of Sunil’s challenge at the MASSCUE conference.

Chris for coming to say hi at the conference!

Gina Bostwick and her 6th-grade students in North Carolina practicing on Buzzmath in a Halloween atmosphere

And John Burton’s students! We hope you had fun working on Buzzmath.

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