Global Math Week 2017

The first Global Math Week is dedicated to “Exploding Dots” popularized by Mathematician JAMES TANTON, which is already generating wonder and surprise in schools and communities around the world.

James Tanton took the time to answer all the questions you could ask about this amazing experience in 8 videos.



We want to express our deepest gratitude for taking part in Global Math Week. We, all together, seem to be doing something truly significant. This is all grassroots. This is all volunteer. And this is global. It is all is propelled by an incredible community of teachers–us!–across the globe simply wanting to share the human joy of mathematics with students, no matter the age level, no matter the curriculum demands. We truly are transcending borders through the beauty and power of joyful mathematics.
I, and the team, are truly touched by this. Thank you! – James Tanton.

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