An End of Year Full of Surprises

Completing the program, revising, correcting exams, and saying goodbye to your students for the summer… June, the period between the end of year exams and the beginning of the holidays, was a month full of emotions! After Netmath’s Can You Math Challenge, our team did not rest and accompanied through to the holidays with great surprises. Here is a short summary of what you might have missed…


Global Math Week 2017: New ambassadors have joined from around the world and have been talking about the project!

Beginning in the fall of 2017, the very first Global Math Week is fast approaching! It has already attracted the support of many mathematicians, teachers, specialists, researchers… throughout the world. Colombia, China, Poland, India, France, Zimbabwe, Portugal, the United States, Serbia, Australia, the United Arab Emirates, Thailand, the United Kingdom… and of course Canada: this is more than 200 ambassadors from 52 different countries who have joined the great adventure that is the Global Math Project.

A webinar was held this month with some of these ambassadors to talk about the project and their role.


Family subscription: enjoy the summer without forgetting everything!

Go away and forget everything! This is the beautiful promise of summer holidays. But to avoid a difficult start to the year by not forgetting all your mathematics during the holidays, families can subscribe to a one or three-month subscription for their children. A lot more practical and motivating than the traditional exercise book!


Have a great summer!

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