Recruiting the driving forces of the team and ensuring the proper functioning of Scolab

Guillaume is the human resources and finance manager at Scolab. He is responsible for finding new talent whose skills will have a direct impact on improving the education of thousands of students. He is also responsible for ensuring the company’s finances are in good shape. Let’s find out more!

Me at Scolab

I am an anomaly, both a professional accountant and a specialist in human resources management. My versatility is such that at Scolab, I am a manager of human resources and also of finance. Before, I have, by chance, almost always worked in education with the exception of a brief stint in the insurance industry.

However, I’ve in a certain way always been close to Scolab. I have known two of the four founders since high school and was present in 2004 when the company was founded. Before joining the team two years ago, I acted as a consultant.

What I like most is knowing that through our work we have a positive and direct impact on the educational paths of hundreds of thousands of students, and that we help teachers on a daily basis. Having 600 000 users is extremely challenging and makes it important that you get it right!


Me in 3.14

3 key words

  • Family (my son, Adam and my girlfriend, Alison)
  • Rome
  • William J. Walter (my small business)

1 video

Very funny in 2007, it made me laugh so hard it hurt!

4 images that sum up my week

Answering employee questions
Budgeting and managing expenditures
Talking strategy
Analyzing the statistics

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