What’s going on with this great worldwide mathematical event!

Subscription to the first edition of the Global Math Week, which will start as from October 10th, is upon us. Scolab is proud to be the principal partner in this project led by The Global Math Project, which brings together mathematics specialists. But what stage is the organization of this international meeting at now?


The Global Math Project is supported by ambassadors from around the world

Colombia, China, Poland, India, Zimbabwe, Portugal, the United States, Serbia, Australia, the United Arab Emirates, Thailand, the United Kingdom… and of course Canada: more than 200 ambassadors from 45 different countries have joined the great adventure that is the Global Math Project.

Mathematicians, teachers, associate professors, researchers, specialists and other mathematics professionals, all have the same mission, to make the initiative known to millions of students, teachers, and other math enthusiasts and to mobilize them around this special week that is the Global Math Week!

At Scolab, two members of our team are also ambassadors: Sunil Singh and Simon Lavallée. If you regularly follow our blog and social media, you already know them well.

You can also apply to become an ambassador for the Global Math Project.


There are already 3 webinar episodes dedicated to the Global Math Week available online

In February, The Global Math Project launched a series of ten webinar episodes dedicated to the first edition of the Global Math Week in collaboration with Scolab. You can view the first webinars online, and register to participate to the remaining webinar episodes which will allow you to ask questions directly to the stakeholders.


The Scolab teams are working hard on the interactive platform that will host “Exploding Dots”

The team that develops Netmath are mobilized to create an interactive platform that will allow online access to the targeted activity for the week of October 10th: “Exploding Dots”. This resource, popularized by the mathematician James Tanton, makes it possible to tackle most of the essential knowledge in the field of arithmetic and algebra.

Below are some examples of the designs developed for the interactive map of the activity:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


You want to get involved in the project? Here’s how you can!

Three ways to participate in the adventure:

  • Talk about Global Math Week to those around you. Teachers, parents, children, lovers of mathematics … you are all invited to join the movement
  • Donate. Support the initiative with an online donation.
  • Keep informed. Follow the webinars! They are free and require a simple registration. We also post regular news updates concerning the GMP on our social media and via our newsletter. You can also find all the information at www.theglobalmathproject.org.

Stay tuned! Registrations open soon!

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