Finding joy and confidence practicing mathematics on Buzzmath.

When Louis-Olivier was in grade 2, he wasn’t a big fan of mathematics and found it very difficult. Now in grade 3, he has surprised his teacher by telling her with great pride that he obtained a badge in geometry on Buzzmath!


Indeed, his teacher, Valérie Lebel, was all the more surprised because she had not given him homework to do in geometry on Buzzmath since at that time they were instead working on additions and subtractions. Louis-Olivier had on his own initiative gone to practice geometry on Buzzmath!

It was his natural curiosity that led him to try out unknown activities on the platform, which were occasionally used for homework. With the possibility of exploring, using trial-and-error, and making mistakes, Louis-Olivier was able to resume the activities as he pleased, without pressure, until he understood how to find the answer. Then, seeing that he had successfully completed the geometry exercises, he decided to continue his exploration one activity at a time. Motivated as much as amused, he ended up completing them all and won his first badge! He is even the first student to get a badge in his class this year!

The Buzzmath badges do not only symbolize the achievement of a student who has successfully completed all the activities of the same concept, but also the effort and determination that he has shown. Students can collect the badges they have won and put them in their portfolio. The collection then offers an explicit portrait of the individual knowledge acquired in mathematics and rewards the student’s progress in his learning process.


Louis-Olivier was very proud of this success, and when the time came to cover the “Geometry” chapter in class, he was the first to answer questions and to help his classmates. Geometry no longer scared him and he even loved it!

Successfully completing the exercises on Buzzmath had given Louis-Olivier something unexpected: confidence in his abilities and pleasure in coming to math class.

Glad to see that her pupil now had fun coming to math class, his teacher shared with us the inspiring story of Louis-Olivier. Find more inspiring stories here.