A strong start to 2017!

For those of you who haven’t been following, here is a small summary of what happened this month on our social medias:


The Global Math Project kicks off!

This month, you were able to see a discussion focussing on math education between two inspired and inspiring mathematicians: James Tanton, who popularized the mathematical game “Exploding Dots” and Sunil Singh, from the Scolab team. Both are ambassadors of the Global Math Project, the first edition of which will take place in October 2017.

The full discussion can be found here.

The Global Math Project experience begins as of now, with a Live Chat on Twitter hosted by another project ambassador, Matthew Beyranevand. Follow this promising and exciting discussion on Tuesday, 31 January at 8pm, and participate by using the hashtag #GMW2017.


And our stars of the month are:

The students of Josh and Miss McGrath who practised a lot on Buzzmath. Congratulations to you!


Finally, here is the solution to Sonya’s challenge this month:


The two missing numbers are: 191 and 355.

Why? The sum of two numbers contained in diametrically opposed circles must always be equal to 368 when these circles correspond to a white point and to 569 when it is a black point. 

Did you find the answer? Take on Sonya’s other challenges.

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