The Review Activities

Starting the school year brushing up on everything that students have taken all summer to forget is a mission in which we want to help you!

For this, we have selected for you review activities in each of the main areas of the previous level’s program. You will find them in the first section of each book. 

The review activities are available for the 6th, 7th and 8th Grades.


These carefully chosen situations allow students to get back in touch with the knowledge, processes and techniques explored in the previous year. It is also a good opportunity to get acquainted with the Buzzmath environment for those who do not know the platform.

By having your students complete these review activities, you will get a first picture of your class. Consult in real time the results of the entire class or of individual students to check the achievements and identify difficulties. Therefore, you will be able to adjust your program for the year by focusing your efforts on the weaknesses of students.



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