Inspired and inspiring people

Do you have any questions? Need some help? Nathalie will help you get the most out of Buzzmath. Get to know one of our support team’s driving forces!

My role at Scolab

I am a member of Buzzmath’s awesome support team, a dynamic group dedicated to providing the best service to our users. My main role is to be in regular communication with our teachers and their students, to answer their questions and to offer solutions that ensure their use of Buzzmath is both positive and enjoyable.

I believe that mathematics has never been as compelling and interesting as it is, thanks to the creativity at work throughout the design of the activities and the content of Buzzmath! At Scolab, I live in a world of boundless and multi-faceted creativity every single day. For an artist like me, it is a gold mine of inspiration! I am equally passionate about entrepreneurship and philanthropy; I believe there is much greater happiness in giving than in receiving.

Me in 3.14

3 key words

  • Art & musique
  • Créativité
  • Cinema

1 Video

There is a video that inspire me as an artist.

4 pics to describe my weekday

Helping you is my mission


While trying who to solve your problems


Spreading joy at Scolab’s offices


The artist within



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