Leadership and Vision from a Math Expert

Over his 20 years of classroom experience and a decade of leadership, Sunil has acquired a deep amount of knowledge, particularly around the four distinct curricula: Common Core, Canadian, Cambridge IGCSE and the International Baccalaureate. He also contributes on a regular basis to The New York Times Numberplay Blog. He is also one of the Ambassadors of The Global Math Project and has a book called “Pi of Life: The Hidden Happiness of Mathematics” (2017). He made us very proud when he accepted to join our Sales team at Scolab.

Me at Scolab

I have taken my passion, energy and knowledge of mathematics into an exciting sales position with the company. I am on the front lines contacting schools and districts all over the United States about Buzzmath. I have the amazing opportunity to talk with math teachers from various parts of the country and introduce them to all the great features and benefits of our growing Buzzmath resource.

I am also a contributor to Buzzmath’s blog: have a look at my articles and videos from the “Our Expert Talks” series. I enjoy writing content for the blog. It is an important and fun way for me to communicate my love of Mathematics. I have the privilege of discussing and sharing ideas about contemporary and creative mathematics with teachers, parents and students from all over North America! I am delighted to be an important part of building a community of teachers and learners here at Buzzmath.

I am also an ambassador for The Global Math Project that will organize the Global Math Week in October 2018 and a speaker to numerous conferences in America dedicated to Mathematics and Education. Do not hesitate to contact me at sunil@buzzmath.com. I look forward to meeting you at the Buzzmath booth!


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