A great tool, by passionate people

Buzzmath is first and foremost the result of a collaboration between passionate people. We met Paul in 2007 and we wanted to work with him right away. 
Paul has 35 years of experience teaching Math and he’s the author of many educational books. It was not only the beginning of a prolific partnership but also the starting point of a long and beautiful friendship.

Me at Scolab

At Scolab, I create content for every grade level. Every day, I receive comments from users – to which I devote all my attention – I create new activities, improve the former ones and, along with the creative team, contribute to most of the steps that lead to content uploads. I was also part of the  process of creating the missions that our students love so much.

What I like the most at Scolab is being able to intervene at a creative level with the team, and working to make the Math universe inspiring, attractive and accessible to every student. My biggest reward is when a student tells me “You make me love school; I finally understand something!” or when a parent is amazed by his own child: “My kid doesn’t want to do his homeworks, but he can play with Buzzmath for hours!”

My Profile in 3.14

3 key words

  • Enthousiast
  • Aries
  • Globetrotter  (Paul has visited more than 50 countries)

1 video

Paul is also a music lover! He’s got his own bands of classic rock and country music, the CrackPops and the Chain Gang, with which he often plays all around the province of Quebec.

4 pics to describe my weekday

Being retired… or almost


Writing for Buzzmath


Looking for an easy way to explain a Math problem


And putting fire to the stage during the weekend


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