The best way to start the school year is to reinforce the skills students may have forgotten over the summer.

In the first section of each book, we have added review activities for each of the main topics, based on the skills your students learned in the previous school year.

We carefully chose these concepts to get your students back in touch with the understanding, processes and techniques they explored during the previous year, and to get them familiar with the Buzzmath environment.

This is an opportunity for you to get an overall picture of your class to see where your students are, as well as any potential difficulties you may need to address!  

You can also take a look at the results of your students’ activities or group of activities at any time and in real time.

Refresh your knowledge:

6th Grade Review Activities ›

7th Grade Review Activities ›

8th Grade Review Activities ›

Buzzmath Revision activities

For those who were not with us last year, you can choose “Introduction to Netmaths” to explore the features of our application. When it comes to introducing new tools, sometimes it can be hard to decide on the best approach. Here are some suggestions for getting your students started in Buzzmath:

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