Life is a balance….and so is an equation. In our search for balance in both life and mathematics we at times either find many solutions, infinite solutions or no solution to our problems. While this activity is sure to provide students with strategies and practice to identify equations with one solution, infinite solutions and no solutions, there will be no strategies for achieving balance in our lives.
Equations-with-one-solutionStudents begin this activity with a review of the properties of equality as they manipulate a balance scale to represent each side of an equation. From here they will explore patterns in equations that will allow them to determine if it has one solution, infinitely many or no solutions at all. Once they identify these patterns they will be able to practice applying this concept with numerous problems. With each problem they practice they will be given immediate feedback and assistance if needed. This supported practice gives the students the confidence and ability to be successful.

Click here to try: Equations with one solution, infinitely many, and no solutions

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