Let’s factorise! That sounds like a workout, doesn’t it? But there’s nothing strenuous about factorising. The term factorise is used in the UK instead of its American counterpart, factor. The activity, Factor Expressions with Rational Coefficients, is about just that…factorising, or factoring expressions!

This activity uses the Distributive Property to factor and expand algebraic linear expressions. Students are already familiar with the Distributive Property from earlier grades where they used it to expand and factor numerical expressions. So this activity should not feel like a workout. They will now use the same concepts to expand and factor algebraic expressions.


Students begin the activity with rectangular models that build on their understanding of the Distributive Property to expand algebraic expressions. They then use this understanding to factor these types of expressions. To accomplish their tasks, students use a variety of Buzzmath input, matching, and select tools.

Click here to try: Properties of Operations to Factor Linear Expressions with Rational Coefficients

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