Opp-o-sites attract! Right? Thanks to Paula Abdul, we know this is true. Did you also know that opposites eliminate?

This concept will prove to be very helpful when students practice solving systems of equations using the elimination method.


Students are off to an exciting start in this activity as they explore and review the concept of combining opposite integers using an interactive manipulative. They continue to use this knowledge throughout the activity as they select and eliminate one variable in order to solve for another. Each page adds a little more complexity leading to the introduction and application of the Multiplication Property of Equality. Students will practice applying this property as they create equivalent equations that are easier to work with as they solve systems of equations. At the culmination of this activity students may be stateing…2 steps forward and 2 steps back…we go together because opposites ELIMINATE.

Click here to try : Using Elimination to Solve A System of Equations

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