In the real world, things are often, more or less…..unequal. No pun intended! Students need to be able to translate verbal descriptions to math symbols containing inequalities when solving many real world problems. This is where the activity Solving Word Problems with Inequalities comes in. In the previous grade, students were exposed to inequalities at a very basic level. Now they are representing real world problems with two-step inequalities, solving them, and graphing the solutions on number lines.


In this activity, students are required to do a fair bit of “interpreting.” First they need to interpret verbal descriptions, looking for keywords and phrases that suggest inequality. After solving the problems, students then need to interpret the solutions in the context of the problem. Sometimes that means rounding the solutions up or down, or even graphing a set of discrete points, rather than continuous ones.The numerous interactive objects in this activity will certainly keep students engaged.

Click here to try Solving Word Problems with Inequalities

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