When it comes to choosing resources that will enhance the learning and experiences of your students the process can be a little overwhelming. There are so many programs that all provide something a little different. So how do you decide?

You can do what Ms. Trautz did in her class and let the student’s decide! Ms.Trautz found 4 programs that she was interested in using with her math students, set up student accounts for all of them and then left it to her students to explore and evaluate each program. They were happy to take on the role of “guinea pig” and provide feedback on their experience.  Check out what the students had to say on Ms. Trautz’s blog.


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  1. First, congrats to Buzzmath for having the honesty to post a review that mentions competitors; even if the competitors are inferior!

    Second, I have friends at TenMarks. Sadly, the product, like Accelerated Math, disappoints.

    Third, IXL covers a great deal of ground and is easy to purchase. It lacks Buzzmath’s middle school focus.

    Fourth, At my continuation high school, I have to cover kindergarten (yes, I do) through high school math. I use a set of three programs: Sokikom (k-5), Buzzmath (6-8) and KnowRe (Algebra 1 & 2, Geometry). The irony is that as our district improves its anti-dropout program, my students arrive weaker each year. This is a good thing. They’re still in school! The actual mix in the set has drifted towards Sokikom. For years, Buzzmath was in the sweet spot.

    Fifth, Beware the buzz of the free programs like Khan. They’re messy with which to work. Students range within them in difficult to assist/monitor ways.

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