While you may hear this a lot in your classroom as your students refer to a formula as “missing” when they have simply forgot it; this is different. This time a very important formula developed by Professor Quetelet has gone missing and he is requesting the help of students everywhere to join him on an exciting journey through Brussels to find it.


Students will put what they have been learning and practicing to good use as they embark on this mission. They will be asked to analyze graphs to help an ice cream vendor, interpret graphs for a florist, navigate with a map to help a lost man and calculate percentages for a delivery man. Each time they successfully complete their tasks they will gain back pieces of the document that contain the formula. Students will not only emerge as heroes for retrieving this important formula that will later prove to impact the world, but they will also restore another part of the devastated BuzzCity.


What formula could possibly be worth all of the commotion and effort to find?

Check out The Missing Formula

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