Is it rational or irrational? The answer depends on who you ask! In the real world, if it is reasonable or logical, then it is rational. But ask a mathematician and you will find out that if it can be expressed in the form of a fraction, only then is it rational. Does that make it logical or reasonable?

In the Rational and Irrational Numbers, and Computation activity, students identify different types of numbers and classify them as rational or irrational. They learn that rational numbers have decimal equivalents that are either terminating or repeating.


In previous grades, students learned to convert terminating decimals to fractions using models and by writing and simplifying fractions with denominators containing powers of 10. In this activity, they convert repeating decimals to fractions by completing step-by-step procedures in which they write and solve equivalent equations. Although students may have previously converted fractions to repeating decimals, this is the first time they are converting repeating decimals to fractions.

Click here to try Rational and Irrational Numbers, and Computation

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