Looking for extra fuel to motivate your students? Tell them the story of BuzzCity! Your Buzzmathematicians can help Dr. Bowtie by collecting enough gold stars to unlock missions to recover important mathematical artifacts.

Alfred Bowtie, the great inventor, was in his time traveling machine (called the BuzzPorter) when the mysterious Mr. Haze stole the world’s math knowledge! Now BuzzCity is in shambles–there are no right angles, circumferences or diameters cannot be measured, and so on–but wait, Alfred Bowtie was safe in his time machine and did not lose his math knowledge. He plans to undo Mr. Haze’s work and restore all our mathematical knowledge.

Watch the video

Watching the mission video will introduce you to the BuzzMath storyline where you will find out why BuzzCity needs to be repaired and how you can help. The video is approximately 2.5 minutes in length and could easily be watch in your classroom!

What is a mission?
A mission is a more challenging problem solving activity that links students to math history and to the BuzzMath storyline. Students must solve each page in order to move to the next page. Each mission features a famous mathematician in a fictional storyline that is integrated with mathematical history. Upon completion of a mission students collect an object (such as Euclid’s lost Book of the Elements) that will help restore lost mathematical knowledge and ultimately the beauty and architecture of BuzzCity.

The current missions are The Lost Talisman, The Secret Rule, Mystery in the Sand of Egypt, Measure Under Pressure, Reaching the Possible,Knowledge is the Key, the Dawn of Algebra.


As Buzzmath evolves, stay turned for more missions and more opportunities to save our city!

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