Arthur Benjamin is a Mathemagician. You know the kind of people who explores hidden properties of the Fibonacci series and reminds you that mathematics can be awesome.

Depicted as a number wizard, Arthur Benjamin is a masterful teacher who has the capacity to see the unseen. In this short video, I learn so much about his favorite collection of numbers, the Fibonacci numbers, than ever before. Did you know that the number of petals on a flower is typically a Fibonacci number, or the number of spirals on a sunflower or a pineapple tends to be a Fibonacci number as well.

And as a middle school students you are probably wondering Why are we learning this?”  

Because it’s fun ! Mathematics is the science of patterns, and we study it to learn how to think logically, critically and creatively. As we spend tremendous time learning about calculation and application let’s not forget about the most important reason of all, inspiration.

Now watch the video and prepare to be amazed :

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