Have you downloaded our updated Buzzmath application yet? We hope you like what you see! It’s filled with more functionality than ever before, to help you enjoy your experience when it comes to practicing your math skills.

Some of the cool new features in Buzzmath Middle School (V.1.5.0) include:

  • New drawing mode! Select the pencil to draw directly on the screen. Doing math on the iPad has never felt more natural.


  • The calculator has arrived! Optimized for the iPad screen, the new calculator will show you the last calculation and let you paste it in the answer zone. Now every single tool your student needs to work on Buzzmath is right in the program itself!
  • The introduction of our integrated messaging system is just one of the ways we are making it easier to teachers and student. Teachers can now send messages to their students. Sent messages will appear on their home screen.
  • 10% more space! Pages have been redesigned to give more space to what matters most, the content and your work.


Stay tuned for more updates and let us know what you think of the new Buzzmath app!

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