The New York City Department of Education Innovation Zone created the Gap App Challenge to find apps that would help middle schools fill the gaps in student skills, interests, and motivation. Buzzmath’s applied and we were matched with two rockstar NYC teachers, Lauren and Candice.

As part of the challenge, Candice, Lauren, Carl, and Deborah met almost every week to discuss how Buzzmath was going in their classrooms and their ideas for how to make Buzzmath better. Deborah visited the school to see how Candice and Lauren used Buzzmath in their classrooms.

The wonderful thing about working with teachers is that they always surprise us with what they do. Lauren uses Buzzmath with her students in small groups and created an assignments tracker so that students will keep track of how they’re doing. Candice created a data wall and celebrates the students who’ve earned the most stars and used Buzzmath the longest. “The students love it,” Candice says. “It holds them accountable and gets them to talk about math.” Candice also created a PowerPoint to share Buzzmath with other teachers. As a result, all the other teachers at the school wanted to start using Buzzmath, too.

Picture Buzzmath NYC GAP
Left : Buzzmath Tracker Right : Buzzmath Data Wall Center : Buzzmath PowerPoint

Transforming the App Based on Teacher Feedback

We’re busy taking the feedback Candice and Lauren give us all the time to make Buzzmath even better. One thing we’re changing during the Gap App Challenge is giving students and teachers the ability to write directly on the iPad. Imagine students working with math problems on the iPad as easily as they would work with pen and paper!

We’re also exploring modifying existing features, such as how teachers can assign activities and the reports they get from those assignment.

Left : Initial ideas for the Assignments Feature Right : Showing work on the Buzzmath iPad App
Left : Initial ideas for the Assignments Feature
Right : Showing work on the Buzzmath iPad App

Do You Have Feedback for Us?

We’re always looking to learn from great teachers and like Lauren and Candice and great students like the ones in their classroom. Please contact us with your questions and ideas about Buzzmath!

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