In Gallon Land, King Gallon is the leader of the land. King Gallon lives with four queens (don’t judge). Each Queen has 2 Princes and each Prince goes on to have two children. OK, so there is no Gallon Land and there is no King Gallon, but this is a great story to help remember how many quarts are in a gallon, how many pints are in a quart and how many cups are in a pint. So now how do we find how many cups are in a quart? Or how many inches are in a yard? Or how many ounces are in 10 pounds? We can use ratios and proportions!


In the activity, Using Ratio Reasoning to Convert Measurement Units, students will use tables, tape diagrams, double number line, and images to identify ratios and use them to convert measurement units. They will practice converting both units of length and capacity. This is not only a fun activity, it also reinforces a skill that is so useful in our everyday lives.

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