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Month: February 2014

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Very positive feeback from New London-Spicer Middle School!

Seven grade teacher Brittany Valentien from New London-Spicer Middle School, MN, made our day by sending us a very encouraging email joined by this article about Buzzmath (click on the image to read the full article): We love to receive our user’s comments and suggestions, because it gives us an opportunity to constantly improve Buzzmath. But, we must admit that when […]

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New BuzzMath Activity – Histograms

A picture is worth a thousand words! That saying couldn’t be truer than when it comes to data. It is so much easier to understand data when placed in picture form, such as a histogram, than to have a lot of numbers and/words describing the data. A histogram is simply a picture that shows data in ranges using bars of […]

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Welcome to the Carnival… of Functions!

Last week, we learned that our good friends Dan Meyer and Christopher Danielson collaborated with Desmos to create Function Carnival, an online math tool to address the misconceptions students may have about graphs. As Dan and Christopher explain on Desmos’ blog: It’s often challenging for students to distinguish between (1) values, (2) the rate of change of those values, and (3) the rate of change […]

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New BuzzMath Activity – Evaluate Algebraic Expressions

Everyday routines become easier when there is order and connection. A cake cannot be made by placing  the ingredients in an oven before mixing the ingredients together. Only by following the same steps can a recipe be duplicated over and over again. The same is true when evaluating expressions. In the activity Evaluate Algebraic Expressions, students learn that the “recipe” […]