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Month: January 2014

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New BuzzMath Activity – Polygons in the Coordinate Plane

Before GPS (Global Positioning Systems), most people were familiar with maps, since maps helped them to find unknown locations. Today, maps are still used in different areas, such as city planning, to map out communities, buildings, landmarks, and so on. A map is simply a coordinate plane. The activity Polygons in the Coordinate Plane is a dynamic activity in which […]

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New BuzzMath Activity – Writing and Evaluating Numerical Expressions

Can different expressions have the same meaning? Well, facial expressions may or ┬ámay not. But a mathematical expression has the same meaning as its verbal counterpart, and different ┬ánumerical expressions can definitely have the same value…thus the same meaning! In the activity Writing and Evaluating Numerical Expressions, students translate verbal phrases into mathematical symbols, and find the value of expressions […]