When you talk, we listen! We took all of your commentaries, requests and concerns very seriously, and we are proud to say that the Buzzmath app is now ready for high performance! You only have to update the app to enjoy the following improvements:

  • Faster navigation between pages;
  • New activities in 6th grade;
  • When inside an activity, no more crash when selecting your units (ie: inches, meters, etc.);
  • Teacher’s assignment bug fixed;
  • To be consistent with the Buzzmath website, the Missions now require a number of stars to be unlocked;
  • “Update required” bug fixed for some activities.

New feature on the Buzzmath website too!

A new introduction activity was added to the Buzzmath Lab. It allows the users to get familiarized with Buzzmath’s tools and features while learning more about the great adventure awaiting!

Introduction Activity


  1. I have just downloaded the new app and now all that happens is that Buzzmath shows it is loading and then the screen goes blue with an emboss of what appears to be a ‘g’ and that is where the app sits. As dead as a dodo!

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