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Month: December 2013

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Mathematical Properties of Snowflakes

Winter is almost here, but here in Montreal, snow didn’t wait. Never mind; at Buzzmath, we love snow. Can you guess why? For its mathematical properties, of course! Think about snowflakes: everyone already folded a piece of paper and cut it to build the most beautiful paper snowflake. Little did we know, we were learning the basics of symmetry! Real […]

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New and Improved Version of the Buzzmath App!

When you talk, we listen! We took all of your commentaries, requests and concerns very seriously, and we are proud to say that the Buzzmath app is now ready for high performance! You only have to update the app to enjoy the following improvements: Faster navigation between pages; New activities in 6th grade; When inside an activity, no more crash when […]

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New BuzzMath Activity – Introduction to Absolute Value

Introduction to Absolute Value  › Upon meeting the scarecrow in the classic movie The Wizard of Oz, Dorothy asks, “Follow the yellow brick road?…Which way do we go?” The scarecrow replies, “People do go both ways.” Even though he didn’t have a brain, the scarecrow may have known something about absolute value! Absolute value measures the distance from a central […]