Badges are currently available on but can’t be collected from the iPad version.

After a month of beta testing with more than 400 classes, the 6th grade badges are now available on all accounts! As of Tuesday, teachers can award process knowledge badges and 6th grade students can collect content knowledge badges. The 56 badges in total represent an opportunity for students to share earned knowledge and accomplishments as well as boost their motivation.

Teacher Quotes

“My grade 6s LOVE badges, and I think the grade 7s secretly do! I’ve seen them coming to class and asking each other “I got two new badges this weekend, how about you?” so I would think it’s a pretty successful feature.”

Marie-Nancy Bourque, Grade 6/7 FI Teacher, Kerrisdale Elementary School, Vancouver

I LOVE the badges!  It allows my students to focus in on a goal to attain that is more specific than a number of stars.  I also like how the sections are now broken up into Review, Badge Activities, and Enrichment.

Aimee Y. Burrus, Mathematics Teacher, Los Osos Middle School, California

27 Content Knowledge Badges

Content badges provide a comprehensive view of your student’s progress and accomplishments relating to the Common Core Math Standards.

Content knowledge badges are the core of the badge system. They are automatically awarded as students successfully complete a series of practice activities and one culminating activity relating to a specific concept. Credentials are listed for each badge, including the standard(s) it represents. These badges can be pushed to a student’s Mozilla Backpack, which provides a comprehensive view of a student’s accomplishments.

13 Process Knowledge Badges

Process knowledge badges acknowledge and reward students for positive behaviors that lead to mathematical success.

These badges are awarded by a teacher for observable positive learning behaviors such as teamwork and problem solving.

16 Achievements Badges

Achievement badges set small attainable goals for students and are intended to serve as motivational achievements.

Achievement badges are automatically awarded for reaching goals such as improved accuracy and quantity of activities completed. These badges are automatically awarded through the Buzzmath system and are displayed inside.

Supporting the Badges:

  • New challenge activities can be unlocked in each topic. They will let students consolidate their learning by focusing on the important understanding, knowledge and skills presented in the CCSS.

  • Students have a new “My Badges” section in their portfolio.

  • We added detailed criteria pages to quickly see the requirements of each badge.

  • We improved the way we have categorized the content in the 6th grade book to make it easier to access activities.

  • A notification panel is featured to let students see and access their recent badges.

This is one of the first systems built in collaboration with Mozilla, the MacArthur Foundation, and HASTAC as part of their Open Badges initiative.


How to deactivate (teachers only)

The Badges are automatically added in Buzzmath. Therefore, if you don’t want to use them, you have to deactivate the feature. Here is how to do that:

  • Once you are logged in your home page, select Roster & Admin;

  • Open badges options by clicking on the Badge icon;

  • Deactivate badges for a class by clicking the On/Off switch.

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