Sarah Johnson
6th Grade Math Teacher, DSST Network Math Content Leader
Denver School of Science and Tech, Stapleton


How did you first hear about BuzzMath?

Our math department chairperson forwarded a Google link about the program.

How do you use BuzzMath with your students?

I use it mainly with our highest level students in the 6th grade as a tool for differentiation. These students are given assignments to work on when they finish classwork early and they can use it as a privilege in class. They are also awarded prizes and bonus points for their work on BuzzMath.

How do your students respond to BuzzMath?

They love the freedom in my classroom of being able to get onto their computers and complete video game-like assignments. Some students choose not to challenge themselves further by trying the assignments but other students thrive on the privilege of being able to use the program. For those students, it truly challenges them to the next level.

What is motivating for them?

They like getting stars but the biggest motivator is being able to learn new, challenging material in an easy format. They also love the in-class prizes and points!

Have you used other math practice programs with your students in the past? How do they compare to BuzzMath?

I use another program for our lower-level learners because they need the extra support of program that extends below middle school math. The results from this program have been amazing mostly because I can have students start at their true grade level ability and move up toward 6th grade.

What results have you experienced this year?

I think my results have been greatly enhanced by using BuzzMath. Students that have challenged themselves on BuzzMath were used to higher-level thinking problems which helped their test scores.

What evidence do you have that BuzzMath is making a difference in your student’s mathematical achievement?

Our high level students still had major gains our districts MAP test (an annual exam taken in fall, winter, spring). They showed an average growth of 3 grade levels in 1 year.

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