Alfred with a Chrome Store box and a BuzzMath iconAt ISTE this week, Google announced the launch of Apps Packs for Education. App Packs are grade specific packs of Google Chrome apps for schools. BuzzMath is one of the apps in the Middle School App Pack!

As a result of being included in this pack, there has been other improvements made to simplify the sign in process.

Google sign-in

You can login with any Google account in any browser. If your existing BuzzMath account has the same email, it will be linked.

Sign in with Google Screenshot

Chrome App

You can now install BuzzMath in Google Chrome as an app, making it easy to access BuzzMath from the Chrome Start page. You can find the Chrome BuzzMath App here.

Add BuzzMath App to Google Chrome

Install the BuzzMath app on all your district/school Chromebooks with one-click

Google Chromebooks are known to be easy to manage. BuzzMath is now one of the easiest apps to deploy in your school or district.

Administrators simply login to their and select the Middle School App Pack. From there, they can add the free version of BuzzMath and subscribe to the full version. See Set Up App Packs for Chrome Devices for Education.

Google Chromebook Management Console - Middle School App Pack

Official Google Blog Post: In schools, all you need is web.

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