So, you are going to bake muffins. You are feeling ambitious, so you decide to bake two different types. You need to buy chocolate and sugar. You have a budget. How much of each do you buy?

My recommendation is to buy none and go to the bakery! But…if a purchase must be made wouldn’t it be nice to understand how solving systems of linear inequalities can provide you with the options within your budget? The activity, Solving Systems of Linear Inequalities will lead students through the concept of solving systems of linear inequalities by starting with a review of graphing linear inequalities and ending with a proposed situation that student’s must apply this concept to.

As the students progress through this activity they will have the opportunity to graph inequalities on a coordinate grid and write inequalities based on an existing graph. They will identify all solutions within a solution set and apply this concept to designing a skate park and baking muffins. This activity provides students with concise explanations and instructions for graphing systems of inequalities and determining the solution set.

Try it now >

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