Common Core 6th Grade (6.EE5, 6.EE.6, 6.EE.8)

If the solution to x + 3 = 8 is x = 5, then what is the solution to x + 3 > 8? In the activity, Solving and Graphing One-Step Inequalities with Addition and Subtraction students will explore the difference between equations and inequalities before they move on to solving inequalities and graphing the solutions.

Students will solve inequalities and have the opportunity to visually see the solution represented on a number line and a coordinate grid. They will be introduced to the significance of closed and open circles and shaded portions on the number line as they graph their own solutions. As they progress through the activity they will develop an understanding that solutions to inequalities include multiple values, while solutions to equations contain a specific value.

At the culmination of this activity, students will use inequalities to solve word problems. This will allow them to develop an understanding of when they would ever need to use the concept of inequalities outside of the classroom.

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