During midterms some students may fill their backpacks with notebooks and textbooks in an attempt to cram for each test. While this may not be the best test preparation strategy, it does have the students making statements such as, “This backpack weighs a ton.” Is a backpack a good benchmark for measuring a ton? Of course not! This statement is an obvious exaggeration, but it leaves you thinking if they can actually conceptualize the meaning of a ton. Converting Customary Units of Mass and Capacity begins by having students match customary units of mass to benchmark items and measuring tools. Students then have the opportunity to use a balance scale to discover the ounce to pound relationship.

Students will also explore ounce to ton and pound to ton conversions before moving on to cup, pint, quart, gallon conversions. Students will practice these conversions as they solve questions involving matching, text input, and ordering. These different solution inputs are designed to keep the attention of each student as they progress through each activity.

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