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Month: April 2012

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BuzzMath 1.55 – Manage your School is Here!

Now subscribed schools can easily manage their subscriptions.  With MySchool, teachers and administrators can add, remove, and reassign students to different classes. They also have the ability to create and delete classes, add teachers, print activation codes and view the number of available seats for their entire school. Access Manage My School on or click on the MY SCHOOL button […]

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New BuzzMath Activity – Graphing Linear Equations

Two points walk into a bar just to drop me a line. OK, so maybe the joke isn’t that funny, but you get the point! Graphing Linear Equations allows students to use their prior knowledge of equations and coordinate points to graph linear equations on a grid. Students begin by randomly selecting x values, finding the corresponding y values, plotting […]

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New BuzzMath Activity – Introduction to Writing Algebraic Expressions

Common Core – Grade 6 (6.EE.2) Introduction to Writing Algebraic Expressions may be as close as some middle school students come to cracking secret codes. There is a certain intrigue to representing an entire sentence as 4 simple symbols. In the activity, Introduction to Writing Algebraic Expressions, students will begin by reviewing the meaning of a variable. Is there a difference […]