After returning from the hills of San Francisco, we are proud to announce that BuzzMath was one of the winners of the MacArthur Foundation-funded Digital Media and Learning Badges for Lifelong Learning Competition.

The Competition supports the building of digital badge systems and explores the ways badges can be used to help people learn, demonstrate skills and knowledge, and unlock job, educational and civic opportunities.

The winners were announced on the first evening of the Digital Media and Learning Conference in San Francisco. As our team sat amongst finalists from 91 teams in the ballroom at the Parc 55 hotel, our fingers were crossed as we listened for “BuzzMath” to emerge from the sound system. In the moments before the announcement, we couldn’t help but reflect on the events leading up to this moment. Over the past months the BuzzMath team has worked tirelessly on the concept for an implementation of a badge system. We have written proposals, created graphics, and enhanced designs, to create a system that would benefit our students. Other organizations in the winners circle included Disney-Pixar, NASA, and UK based RADIOWAVES and digitalME.

So, what now? Winners of this competition will now be participants in a badges for lifelong learning experiment. Badges are simple, visible representation of accomplishment that can be earned through a variety of formal and informal learning environments. The winning organizations each received funding to design and implement a digital badge system over the course of a year, that will have value for their users inside and outside of their organization. Mozilla is in the process of developing an open source platform that will offer a “digital badge backpack” for learners to collect and display their badge credentials from youth through adulthood.

We anticipate the addition of many useful features to BuzzMath as the result of the implementation of a digital badge system. We will provide authentic assessments by adding challenge activities, acknowledge students’ mathematical knowledge, skills, and behaviors with personal badges, and provide students with new privileges and opportunities as they master concepts and demonstrate behaviors that lead to mathematical success.

Out of the mouths of our fellow competition winners from RADIOWAVES and digitalME, Cheers to a great year!

Read the official Press Release.

Read our Stage I Proposal and Stage II Proposal.

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