We updated BuzzMath.com to Version 1.53 on January 31th, 2012.

Things are not so common here at BuzzMath, lately. The BuzzMath content is now aligned to the Common Core State Standards. With the launch of this new alignment there are also many new and exciting changes that are sure to enhance your teaching and learning experience.

3 New Grade Specific Books

Many teachers are going to be smiling when they log in to their BuzzMath homepage today and see three new books. Our current NCTM aligned Middle School book has been divided into three grade specific books. Each book contains grade specific content that is aligned to the Common Core State Standards. The NCTM aligned book will remain available and both teachers and students will have access to all books.

New Topics view

Once you open a new book, you will see the enhanced design of the Table of Contents in Topics View. Try it. Ooooh! Ahhhh! You will not only find it easier to find the content you are looking for, you will also be able to view pages of the document from the Table of Contents. This will be useful as you seek documents to assign to your class. From this view you will also be able to add documents to your Favorites, send an assignment, and view detailed results. Soon to follow will be the Standards View, for teachers.

New Class Stars Report by Topics

Data, data, data! Who doesn’t need more data? The new Class Stars Report by Topic allows you to see the number of stars, accuracy, and time spent in a useful way, per Topic.

Class Stars Report

Students Progression Pod

Students need useful data too. They will now see that their progression pod has been adapted to the Topics view. A topic will become visible once they have accumulated one star.

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