CC Alignment: 8th Grade (8.F.3) Relations, Functions, and Coordinate Graphs

NCTM: Algebra > Equations > Graphing Equations

It is safe to say that y = 2x + 6 is an equation of a line because it is in slope-intercept form. What about 2x = 6 – b? Is this an equation of a line? Is it in slope-intercept form? What is slope-intercept form? What is slope? What is an intercept? The introductory document, Equation of a Line in y = mx + b form, will answer all of the previously stated questions. This document begins by asking students to find the slopes and intercepts of 2 lines. Once they have identified the slopes and intercepts they will then compare their findings to the written equation of each line. This comparison will lead students to the discovery of the representation of the variables m and b in the equation y = mx + b.

Once students understand the meaning of each variable in the equation of a line, they will be presented with numerous opportunities to practice identifying lines, graphing lines based on written equations, and writing equations of lines. Upon successful completion of this document, students will have a firm understanding of equations of a line in y = mx + b form.

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