(Numbers and Operations > Operations with Rationals> Addition and Subtractions > Fractions)

We all have students that have mastered addition of fractions with like denominators, yet when asked to add fractions with unlike denominators they begin to create their own rules. This is evidence that the students have memorized a series of steps but lack an understanding of number sense and equivalent fractions. Adding Fractions with Models provides students with a variety of models to help students visually explore the addition of fractions.

At times, students fail to realize that different denominators reflect different sized unit fractions and adding fractions requires a common unit fraction. Fraction bars, number lines, and fraction circles allow students to investigate this concept and understand the need for a common denominator.

The interactive models in this document are great for engaging a whole class with a lesson on an interactive white board, and also serve as great practice for students when working individually.

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