(Measurement > Using Measurement > Surface Area)

Surface Area of Prisms allows students to use their existing knowledge of finding the area of a 2-dimensional shape and apply it to finding the surface area of 3-dimensional prisms. This document is full of colorful visuals that provide students with different prospectives of a variety of prisms. On pages 1 and 2 students explore the area of individual faces of a rectangular prism by viewing the prism and its net.

Students use information from this exploration to generate a formula for finding the surface area of a prism. As they progress through the document students are given the opportunity to practice finding the surface area of hexagonal, triangular, rectangular, and pentagonal prisms.

Students are also provided with problem solving situations that demonstrate how surface area can be applied to real life situations. This document provides students with a foundation for understanding, finding, and applying the concept of surface area. They will further this exploration of surface area in another new document, Surface Area of Pyramids, that will be soon to follow.

Try it online: Surface Area of Prisms

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